You can get off track if the time on your vehicle's clock is incorrect. If it is inaccurate, the clock in your Audi car should be updated to the correct time as soon as possible. There is no need to worry if you're unsure how to go about this - the process is fairly simple, and you will have your clock on time in no time at all.

Setting or adjusting the clock in your Audi requires access to the MMI screen and interface. It is highly recommended that you pull over, engage the parking brake, and place the car in "Park" to ensure your safety.

Adjust an Audi Car Clock in 8 Simple Steps

Adjusting the clock in an Audi is simple. Follow these steps

  • First, ensure that the ignition is turned on or in accessory mode and that the radio is turned on as well
  • In the lower right corner of your MMI interface, click "Set up"
  • In the upper left portion of the MMI screen, press the control button that corresponds to "Time/Date". The screen will then display "Time"
  • Rotate the MMI control knob to change the hour, and then press the MMI control knob to select a new hour. When the appropriate time is seen, press the knob once more to set it.
  • Minutes are now highlighted. Rotate the control knob to change the minutes. Select the appropriate time and press the Control Knob again to set it
  • You can adjust the day (if this is not vital skip to the next step) by turning the control knob one click to the left and pressing the control knob to accept the change. To adjust the year, click the control knob, then adjust the month, click the control knob again, and finally adjust the day.
  • To exit, press the "Return" button below the control knob when you're finished adjusting the time and date
  • Now, you're good to go for another six months of on-time driving

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