It is very important to ensure that the headlights on your Audi are always in excellent working condition. The issue of headlight malfunctions is common among Audi vehicles.  Although most Audi car models are still equipped with halogen bulbs, upgrading the headlight system can have a significant impact. Aside from providing better visibility at night, advanced headlight systems can also alert you to obstacles, potholes, and bad roads ahead, which may prevent certain road accidents. Learn how to replace the headlights for Audi vehicles below.

When Should You Replace the Headlight Bulb in Your Audi?

A headlight that hasn't yet been out may flicker or not shine as brightly as it used to. A headlight bulb may begin to fail at different times, making it easier to detect. Your Audi car's headlight bulb(s) may need replacement if:

  • Flickering or dimming of one or both bulbs
  • Failure of one or both bulbs

Here are the steps to replace your Audi headlights:

Take Out the Plastic Rivets

At the front of the car, plastic filler plates cover the headlights and most of the rest of the front. These can be easily removed and replaced. 

  • Apply pressure to the rivet's mid section.
  • With a puller tool, pry and cut the clips.
  • Grasp the plastic panel and remove it.
  • For reusing rivets, make the core protrude through the head.

Take Out the Air Filter Assembly

You can access the headlight housing on the passenger side by removing the air filter intake assembly.

  • The plastic body can be detached with the help of a screwdriver or pry tool.
  • Remove the air filter intake assembly by pulling it up.
  • After dismantling the clamps and clips, remove the entire airbox assembly.

Unbolt the Housing

  • Headlight housings are held in place by three screws, which should be removed with a Torx bit.

 Bulb Replacement

Remove the screws and the entire headlight assembly will come off towards the front.

  • Move the bulb housing forward to gain access to the assembly's back.
  • Make sure the spring clip holding the access panel closed is removed.
  • Wiggle the bulb to loosen it.
  • Grasp the socket and pull the bulb out.
  • The bulb needs to be replaced.
  • Restore it to its original state.

Check the Lights

  • The system has been overhauled, so it's time for it to be reassembled and tested.
  • Headlight housing access panels need to be reinstalled.
  • Put the housing back in its original position.
  • Tighten the bolts after repositioning the headlight housings.
  • Close the hood to protect it.
  • Check that the headlights are working correctly by turning them on.

If neither light turns on, ensure the harnesses on the back of the housings are not loose and that the fuse has not blown.

Audi Headlight Replacement at Audi New Rochelle

Audi Headlight Replacement costs might vary depending on which model you drive, but you can save money on the service!

We at Audi New Rochelle help you determine the year, make, and model of your Audi vehicle. For instance, if you need a replacement headlight bulb for your Audi A4, you can use these specifications to ensure you get the correct part. Having these details handy will enable you to make the most of your shopping experience and make the installation process easier.


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