Voice command is available in many Audi cars, so you can access your phone and other features even when your hands are busy. The new Audi A8 is the first car in the world to have an integrated voice control system that allows you to use your voice to call up destinations and other functions. After a brief training period, you'll be able to speak commands such as "navigate home" or "play my music" easily. The technology uses natural speech recognition to understand your spoken instructions and respond appropriately.

On the steering wheel

To use voice command on the steering wheel, press the button on your steering wheel and say "Hello Audi," followed by one of these commands:

  • MMI, start
  • MMI, turn on
  • MMI, turn off
  • MMI, cancel

On the center console

When it comes to using voice commands in Audi cars, the basics are pretty simple. The MMI navigation plus system has a button for initiating and ending commands. You can also use this button to lock or unlock your car, adjust climate control settings, and more. Simply press it once if you want to use voice control without an active command, or press it twice if you have something specific in mind-for example, pressing twice while sitting in your parked car would launch a search for its location, so you know where it is inside the parking lot.

Once activated as such, there are several options available: send messages; make calls; play music; navigate (including by saying "parking lot" or "home"); find out what's playing on radio stations (say "what's playing?"); adjust climate controls; ask about fuel consumption stats; get information about nearby gas stations/service centers when driving an electric vehicle (EV); set speed limits on cruise control or select favorite radio stations from lists provided by mobile phone providers who have partnered with Audi.

Benefits of Using Voice Command

Voice command is an essential feature of any modern car. It makes driving more convenient and reduces strain on your hands, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the drive and less time concentrating on inputting your destination into the navigation system.

You can also use voice commands for a variety of other functions:

  • Make phone calls using contacts stored in your phone book or paired via Bluetooth to your Audi Q3.
  • Send texts to contacts stored on your smartphone paired via Bluetooth to your Audi Q3.
  • Play music from your iPhone connected via the USB port on an Audi A5 Sportback e-Tron
  • You can use voice commands to find destinations and navigate easily or call a contact without taking your eyes off the road (and without fumbling around with buttons).
  • You can also control the car's features-such as temperature controls, seat adjustments, and adaptive cruise control-with your voice!

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